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Why your feelings aren’t important in a crisis

Why your feelings aren't important in a crisis Did I make you feel bad? Sorry, not sorry... If you’ve got a media crisis happening in your business, chances are the only person you’re going to hate more than the person causing it is me – the media crisis manager. Why? Because in the course of making sure the problem goes away as quickly as possible and your brand suffers as little damage as possible, I’m probably going to have to tell you a bunch of stuff you don’t want to hear. Mean and hurtful stuff about what Facebook trolls and the Google machine is saying [...]

10 Tips for effective digital writing

10 Tips for effective digital writing Writing for digital is a completely different beast to writing for print. It’s important to keep context in mind. Reading on a screen is fatiguing and it’s difficult to follow large blocks [...]

Data is the engine of business

Data is the engine of business Have you checked yours lately? One of the enormous benefits of the digital age is that businesses have access to unprecedented amounts of data. But although we’re better informed than ever before, many [...]

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